Geriatric Care Manager  - Sue Groppe

Possible uses for Geriatric Care Management Services:

Geriatric Care Manager Sue Groppe provides individualized professional services to families dealing with the challenges of providing care to elderly loved ones, especially when it is over long distances. She is trained to assess and to create strategies to improve a client’s quality of life.  These could be in the areas of physical, mental as well as social functioning. As an occupational therapist she is able to evaluate such areas as cognitive functioning, safety, functional level in (dressing, showering, and ambulation) and assessing the overall quality of life of the client.

The full range of Geriatric Care Management services include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the individual and home to help identify the needs, problems and concerns.
  • Assistance in arranging legal, financial and medical services, such as an elder care attorney.
  • Referrals to assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
  • Weekly visits and ongoing monitoring of the client for safety, medication management and supervision of aides.
  • Cleaning out residences and assisting the senior with moves to a new location.
  • Monitoring home safety and recommendations of adaptive and durable equipment, when appropriate.
  • Paying bills
  • Coordinating and providing general transportation
  • Overseeing the care of an elder relative for family members who live out of town.
  • Continued contact and updates with out of town family members.
  • Completion of Medicaid applications for community as well as nursing home Medicaid

After an initial telephone consultation and in home assessment Sue is able to determine the client’s level of functionality and support system.   Her assessment involves interviewing the senior adult and family members, reviewing medical records and other reports. She develops an individualized action plan and discusses various options with the senior adult and their caregivers for the development, to implement and monitoring   a comprehensive care plan.

Sue Groppe provides elder service care for the New York Metropolitan area and suburbs

Sue Groppe OTR/MS/GCM Geriatric Care Manager/Occupational Therapist