Geriatric Care Manager  - Sue Groppe
About New York Caregiver Sue Groppe

About Sue Groppe, OTR, MS, GCM 

Sue Groppe, OTR, MS, GCM, has over 35 years of experience in consulting with nursing homes and assisted living facilities. She provides in home care to seniors in the New York City area and provides assessments on their physical abilities. For the past 10 years she has also served as president of her company.

She has worked with hundreds of individuals helping them to live more independently even as they suffered from debilitating illnesses.

Sue’s interest in her field is a result of personal experience. Her grandmother needed care and she helped to care for her.

“As my grandmother got older I was influential in getting her the care she needed and ultimately moved her back to New York City into an assisted living facility and later on filing for Medicaid and nursing home placement. “

After obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University in Occupational Therapy Sue received a MS degree in Community Health Administration with a specialty in Geriatrics from Long Island University. 

In addition, she is licensed in New York State as an Occupational Therapist as well as certified by the National Board of Occupational Therapy. This provides her with the additional skills other geriatric health care providers might lack.

“Combining my Occupational Therapy background with my Geriatric experience has added much value to client's lives.  As an occupational therapist I am qualified to complete a full assessment on a client that answers the question can an individual continue to live safely at home.   My OT skills allow me to evaluate areas such as cognitive functioning, safety, functional level (dressing, showering, and ambulation) and the overall quality of life.”

In her experience Sue has worked with patients who suffer from a number of ailments. This includes Alzheimer’s, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, Parkinson’s, and poor vision. These are patients who have suffered strokes, or been diagnosed with cancer and heart disease.   Her healthcare background insures that she understands the disease process and the resulting symptoms and can provide intervention as needed.

Under the umbrella of the Department of Senior Services in Westchester county. Sue is a member of the Caregiver’s Coalition, and Driver’s coalition all under the concept of livable communities. These programs help seniors remain in the homes with dignity, safety and supports in place.  Sue has helped write some of the initiatives for these programs, for example, the New Caregiver’s Support Circle where neighbors are helping neighbors.

The Driving Coalition looks at the safety of the elderly driver as well as transportation alternatives.  Sue’s OT skills allow an elderly person receive a driving screen and making recommendations.

Sue is also a member of the Central Westchester Geriatric Committee as well as the American and the New York State Occupational Therapy Association.



"This is a very positive recommendation regarding Sue Groppe both as a Geriatric Care Manager and as an OT. In both categories she was involved in the care of a very close friend for whom I have POA From about Sept 2009 to about June 2010. Particularly in the advice and in the managing of this patient from a senior residence to a hospital to rehab and then to a assisted living home, she handled all with efficiency and with very kind care. I am forever grateful for her services and her kindness."   Virginia Kanick, MD

"Our father who is in his nineties had been very difficult for my brother and I to care for since we did not live close and he insisted that he wanted to stay in his home. After looking far and wide for someone to manage my father’s care we found Sue Groppe more than a year ago and have been very pleased with her services. My father has never been easy to handle but Sue has the commitment, patience, and knowledge of eldercare issues to even handle our dad. He is now getting the services and care that he needs and all is running much more smoothly. I trust that if Sue can manage our father successfully she would do a great job as well with your loved ones."  Steven Shongut

"Sue Groppe has been supervising the care of a close friend for the past two years, As a Geriatric Care Manager; she is knowledgeable of the various wants and needs of an ailing person.  Her dedication and support has been invaluable to the betterment of this individual's quality of life and care received.  I could not have planned for the care of my friend without Sue Groppe's guidance or help.  I recommend her services highly."   Carolyn Borck Yonkers, New York

Sue Groppe OTR/MS/GCM Geriatric Care Manager/Occupational Therapist